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Signature Six

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“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Here at Buckeye Brownies, we’ve always done things BIG, but sometimes bigger is not always better.

This is why we want you to say hello to our brand new MINI’s collection!

Our Mini Brownies are absolutely perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth and create optimal portion control. Each Mini is the shape of a cupcake but comes loaded just like our regular brownies.

In our “Signature Six”, you will be getting two of each of our three flagship flavors.



He’s small and mighty but still packs a PUNCH in flavor. Meet, Mini MVP.

This bad boy takes our best-selling brownie flavor, twists it a bit, and downsizes in all the right places.

Our Mini MVP contains our famous cookie dough base and is infused with chocolate and white chocolate chips along with broken-up Oreos.

But we couldn’t stop there! So we topped it all with more chocolate chips and another Oreo and baked it to perfection.



Peanut butter and JEALOUS because you will absolutely need some of these Mini Buckeye brownies in your life.

If you’re a lover of all things chocolate PB then you will melt over this MINI.

In our Mini Buckeye flavor, we take our best-selling brownie base and infuse it with Reese pieces and crushed Nutter Butters, and pop it in the oven.

After the bake, we had no other choice than to top this mini delight than by placing a Reese cup on top and letting it melt into greatness.

*Reese cup is susceptible to melt during shipment*



The best Gifts in life are not things, they’re experiences and trying our new Mini Gift will get you on a one-way ticket towards experience-ville.

Our new Mini Gift takes our buttery blondie base and is infused with sprinkles, white chocolate chips, and broken-up Golden Oreos.

Before we wrap it all up, we add another Golden Oreo on top to seal the deal.

Let’s just say that this is the only Gift you’ll be asking for next Holiday!


*Processed in a facility that also works with peanuts, wheat, dairy, and soy.*

*If brownies are desired to arrive on a specific date, please order at least a week in advance due to the influx of orders.*


Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep them in the refrigerator so they stay intact. You can either take them out and either eat cold or warm them up in the microwave for 5-10 seconds if you want them to taste as if they came right out of the oven.

Not planning on eating within 7 days upon arrival? Throw them in the freezer to ensure their moistness. Let them defrost when ready to be consumed.

*There are no refunds or returns*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Just wasent that good to me.

Was dry I think the larger brownies would've been better. Didn't even finish them. I am sorry I really wanted to like them. They weren't terrible but to me overhyped.

Rodney Wood

Signature Six

Nothing special

These were ok. I am not a huge fan of over the top brownies I am a purist, I love thick, fudgy chocolate brownies. My boyfriend is the one who wanted them. He liked the birthday cake flavor the most. They just tasted like a chunky cookie bar. They were slightly expensive for what they are. I do also wish you could choose the flavors or the six rather than having them picked for you. Shipping is very expensive as well. I give them 2 stars but one extra since my boyfriend did like the one flavor and he’s not super into sweets like me.

Tanya Brewer

My order taste fantastic, it made a great dessert for the party I planned and everyone enjoyed it.

A Matthews
Very very good brownies!

The minis happen to have become my favorites over the half pound brownies. This is not to say that the larger brownies aren’t delicious because they indeed are, especially the MVP. However, the minis are a perfect snack size and just a preference for me.