– I paid for 2 day shipping, but I have not received my order yet. How Come?

All orders can take anywhere from 5-7 days to be BAKED FRESH prior to shipped. Upon being baked, it will be shipped the following day to ensure it’s the highest quality. As a small business, it takes us a few days to be able to back each and every other fresh prior to shipping it out.

– How long does shipping take?

Shipping itself will depend on which option you purchase at checkout. We offer 1, 2 and 3 day shipping options. But remember, it takes us a few days to bake each order fresh.

– How long do your brownies last during shipment?

Our brownies have a shelf life of up to 10 days in transit due to their unique 3 layered design and thickness. Although they can arrive a little melted, do not worry! Simply put them in the fridge upon arrival and they’ll be good to go!

– Can I pickup an order at your location?

Absolutely! If you would like to pickup your order in Akron, OH, please order online accordingly and then send a follow up email to zack@buckeyebrownies.com to request pickup. We will then coordinate from there. Shipping will be refunded upon pickup.

– Why are my brownies different sizes and shapes?

All of our brownies are hand cut during packaging which can cause them to be slightly different sizes due to human error. All are always over a 1/2 lb. each.

– Why are my brownies taking longer to be delivered than normal?

Every now and then, Shipping carriers can have delays due to a decrease in staff, trucking issues or simply misplacing your package. Unfortunately, these are out of our control. If you do not get your order after a full week after it’s has been shipped out, please contact zack@buckeyebrownies.com

– What are the macros or nutrition facts for your products?

We do not provide the nutrition facts for any our products. Why? Because Each and every batch varies so much that the macros provided would be inaccurate and per the FDA, it is illegal to falsely claim nutritional content on any food. We do estimate that each full brownie is about 1000 calories on average.

Do your Brownies contain any protein?

Unfortunately they do not! Our brownies are gooey and gourmet and are not considered healthy by any means! They are a treat to indulge in!

– Do you have Gluten Free products?

Yes! However, Our Gluten Free brownies are NOT Gluten certified as we do bake in a facility that processes wheat.

– Do you ship over seas?

Yes we have shipped to over 30 countries across the World.

– Can they be frozen?

Absolutely! They can be frozen up to 3 months.

– Can I preorder?

Unless it’s a bulk order, unfortunately no. How our ordering works is that it is first come first serve. Once your order is placed than your order is in line and will be fulfilled once we get to it. All orders can take 4-7 days to be baked fresh prior to shipment.

– Where do you guys bake your product?

We bake our product in an ODA approved private 5000 sf commercial bakery in Akron, OH.

– Do you offer gift cards?

Yes we do. Click this link to get yours!

– Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do! For wholesale inquiries send an email to zack@buckeyebrownies.com.

– What all comes with the Pick Two?

Pick Two comes with 4 brownies where you will get 2 and 2 of whichever two flavors of your choice. This is only limited to our original flavors.

– When do you come out with new flavors?

At the start of every month, we come out with a new “Monthly Pack”.

– Can I customize a box?

Yes, when we provide our build your box option, you can select that and choose any 4 brownies of your choice that are available at that time. This only launches for one week out of every month, typically the last week that the limited edition flavors are available.

– As an international customer, are there any more Fees I might expect when ordering my brownies?

Yes! Mainly with Canadian customers, there can be an import tax that is required to be paid prior to delivery. This is NOT included in your shipping costs as this is additional and out of our control. If you’d like a refund prior to shipment. Please reach out.