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– How long does shipping take?

Shipping itself will depend on which option you purchase at checkout. We offer 1, 2 and 3 day shipping options.

– How long do your brownies last during shipment?

Our brownies have a shelf life of up to 14 days in transit due to their unique 3 layered design and thickness. Do not worry if there are delays in shipment unless you do not receive your order within two weeks.

– Why are my brownies different sizes and shapes?

All of our brownies are hand cut during packaging which can cause them to be slightly different sizes due to human error. All are always over a 1/2 lb. each.

– Why are my brownies taking longer to be delivered than normal?

Every now and then, Shipping carriers can have delays due to a decrease in staff, trucking issues or simply misplacing your package. This is unfortunately common due  to the current state of society with Covid 19. We appreciate your understanding.

– Can I add a note to my order?

Absolutely! All you need to do is send a follow up email with the subject, “ADD MESSAGE TO ORDER ####”, and then include the corresponding message in the email.

– What are the macros or nutrition facts for your brownies?

We do not provide the nutrition facts for our products. No macros no problems!

– Are they gluten free?

They are not. We use all purpose flour.

– How long can they stay in transit for?

They have a shelf life in transit with refrigeration of about two weeks.

– Do you ship over seas?

Yes we have shipped to Australia, Italy and France before.

– Can they be frozen?

Absolutely! They can be frozen up to 4 months.

– Can I preorder?

Unless it’s a bulk order, unfortunately no. How our ordering works is that it is first come first serve. Once your order is placed than your order is in line and will be fulfilled once we get to it.

– Where do you guys bake your product?

We bake our product in our own ODA approved commercial kitchen in Akron, OH.

– Do you offer gift cards or coupons?

At this moment we do not. 

– Do you sell wholesale?

We are interested but we have not yet. If looking for wholesale inquiries send an email to mrbuckeyebrownies@gmail.com.

– What all comes with the Pick Two?

Pick Two comes with 4 brownies where you will get 2 and 2 of whichever two flavors of your choice.

– When do you come out with new flavors?

Every month or so we come out with a pack of 4 or a single new flavor.

– Can I customize a box?

Yes, when we provide the build your box option, you can select that and choose any 4 brownies of your choice.


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