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He’s known for always putting the team on his back, bringing above and beyond effort day in and day out and always being able to put a smile on people’s faces, meet The MVP.

This cookies and cream based brownie starts with our fudge brownie base which is then layered with chocolate creme sandwich cookies to give you a little crunch.

It is then topped with our homemade cookies and cream cookie dough infused with white chocolate and chocolate chips.

But we couldn’t stop there, so we topped everything with some more cookies and chocolate chips to really express how valuable this bad boy really is.

He’s not just a player, he’s The MVP.

*Processed in a facility that also works with peanuts, wheat, dairy, and soy.*

*If brownies are desired to arrive on a specific date, please order at least a week in advance due to the influx of orders.*


Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep them in the refrigerator so they stay intact. You can either take them out and either eat cold or warm them up in the microwave for 5-10 seconds if you want them to taste as if they came right out of the oven.

Not planning on eating within 7 days upon arrival? Throw them in the freezer to ensure their moistness. Let them defrost when ready to be consumed.


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Customer Reviews

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Joel noel

Theres a reason on why it's called the MVP. Might be the best best brownie in their arsenal

MVP an absolute FAVORITE!

I love to try the seasonal brownie packs as they come out or whatever peaks my interest and also a perfect excuse to get an entire pack of the MVP Brownie!! OMGGGGGG! An absolute favorite of mine, it’s literally heaven! I don’t mind the extra gym time needed in order for me to indulge either!

Faith Hines
they were raw

They looked really good until i opened it and it was like completely raw on the inside. I also put one in the oven and it still had a raw texture.

Victor Jones
Never disappointed

Love these brownies, always have since y'all were called Cleveland brownie Co. I would like to see a caramel churro brownie one day, that came to mind the other night🤤🤤

Brian N
Delicious poison

I likely will never lose weight but damn these brownies are incredible