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Limited Edition Back to School September Pack

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School is back in session, which means of course we had to inspire our two limited-edition flavors off of that! In this pack, you will be receiving two Crunch Time brownies and two The Lunch Box blondies. Available for a limited time only!

The Lunch Box

It’s about that time of the year! School is back in session which means it’s time for packed lunches!

This was always a memorable experience growing up which is why we created this crazy creation!

The Lunch Box combines everything we used to get in our packed lunch as kids! Snacks, snacks and more snacks!

This unique indulgence first starts with our buttery blondie base which is then layered with a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart!

We then topped it all with an ever so sweet and salty cookie dough which is infused with pretzels, chips, and M&Ms.

From there we added more M&Ms, pretzels, chips, and a Chips Ahoy Candy Blast cookie on top! Sprinkle it with sea salt and this colorful masterpiece is finished!

Are you ready to dive into The Lunch Box this September?

*Pretzels and chips are prone to soften during shipment.

Crunch Time

Exams are right around the corner and you haven’t even started studying yet. Which means that it’s the perfect time to accept that it’s Crunch Time!

And with any type of time crunch comes with the proper fuel needed to push through! This is where Crunch Time comes into play!

This bad boy first starts with our famous fudge brownie base and is then layered with none other than America’s Favorite Cookie, chocolate Oreo creme sandwich cookies.

Then we layered it all with a Nestle Crunch inspired cookie dough which is infused with marshmallow fluff, Rice Krispies, and broken up Crunch candy pieces.

It is all then baked to perfection! After the bake, we topped it with a Nestle Crunch to seal the deal! I think you’re now ready to power through Crunch Time!

*Processed in a facility that also works with peanuts, wheat, dairy, and soy.*

*If brownies are desired to arrive on a specific date, please order at least a week in advance due to the influx of orders.*


Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep them in the refrigerator so they stay intact. You can either take them out and either eat cold or warm them up in the microwave for 5-10 seconds if you want them to taste as if they came right out of the oven.

Not planning on eating within 7 days upon arrival? Throw them in the freezer to ensure their moistness. Let them defrost when ready to be consumed.


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