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Butterfinger AF

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 Last year was all about uncertainty and questions. This year we’re pushing all that to the side and going straight to the point!

Introducing Butterfinger AF.

This limited edition January flavor is created exactly how it sounds, with a ton of butterfingers! But let’s break it down.

This slice of loaded greatness first starts with our famous fudge brownie base which is then layered with peanut butter fudge tagalong cookies.

We then concocted a unique Butterfinger cookie dough and infused it with crushed Butterfinger and butterscotch chips.

After the bake, we perfected this bad boy by sprinkling it with some more crushed Butterfinger and added an actual snack-size Butterfinger on top.

Let’s just say this is one nutty treat that you won’t wanna let slip through your hands this January!

This box will contain four of our Butterfinger AF brownies.

**The Butterfinger on top is subject to melting during shipment.**

Butterfinger AF - Buckeye Brownies