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Butter My Biscoff

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She’s buttery, she’s sweet and she’s ready to bring the heat this January! Introducing, Butter My Biscoff.

As the new year is upon us, we figured what better blondie to create than one based on a worldwide favorite spread, cookie butter!

For those who haven’t had cookie butter before, prepare to have your life changed.

This beauty first starts with our buttery blondie base which is then layered with none other than crunchy Biscoff cookies.

We then topped it with our homemade cookie butter infused cookie dough and baked it to perfection.

After the bake, we wanted to add a little texture so we topped it all with some white chocolate chips as well as another Biscoff cookie.

This is easily the only thing you’ll want buttered this January. 

This box will contain four Butter My Biscoff blondies.

Butter My Biscoff - Buckeye Brownies