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Limited Edition June Pack

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Summer is here! Which means enjoying time outside, going on adventures and of course, eating GOOD FOOD!

What better way to do all of those than by pairing them with epic, ½ lb, summer themed brownies?

In this month’s Limited Edition June Pack, you will be receiving one of each of our four new flavors including Butterfinger AF, Campfire Crunch, Mac Daddy and Your Favorite Cream Pie.

Only available until June 25th so you better stock up while you can!



This June we decided to come out with something special. Something unique and elegant by combining two worlds, sweet and salty.

Some call it a masterpiece, we call it MAC DADDY.

This limited edition flavor first starts with our famous blondie base which is then layered with none other than creamy Golden Oreos.

We then hand crafted our very own white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough and layered it all on top.

But we couldn’t stop there! So we sprinkled a few more macadamia nuts on top and added a dash of sea salt to really bring out that sweet vs salty!

Are you ready to dive into MAC DADDY this month?


Coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, oatmeal cream’s safe to say that there are tons of different types of cream pies out there.

But there is only one that trumps the top tiers and this is it. Introducing, Your Favorite Cream-Pie

This beaut first starts with our buttery blondie base which is then layered with an entire little debbies oatmeal cream pie.

And when you think it couldn’t get any better, we top it with our homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough and bake it all to perfection!

After the bake, we add a cream cheese frosting drizzle to guarantee that this is in fact, Your Favorite Cream Pie.



Last year was all about uncertainty and questions. This year we’re pushing all that to the side and going straight to the point!

Introducing Butterfinger AF.

This limited edition June flavor is created exactly how it sounds, with a ton of butterfingers! But let’s break it down.

This slice of loaded greatness first starts with our famous fudge brownie base which is then layered with peanut butter fudge tagalong cookies.

We then concocted a unique Butterfinger cookie dough and infused it with crushed Butterfinger and butterscotch chips.

After the bake, we perfected this bad boy by sprinkling it with some more crushed Butterfinger and added an actual snack-size Butterfinger on top.

Let’s just say this is one nutty treat that you won’t wanna let slip through your hands this June!

**The Butterfinger on top is subject to melting during shipment.**


Nothing says summer like SMORES!

This June we decided to combine your go to gooey summer night treat along side one of your childhood favorite snacks and turn it into a BROWNIE!

Campfire Crunch first starts with our famous fudge brownie base which is then layered with none other than a frosted s’mores toaster pastry.

We then decided to bring you a little crunch and top it all with teddy graham infused s’mores chocolate chip cookie dough!

Baked to perfection with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and more teddy grahams on top...

We can almost guarantee that this decadent dessert will be your favorite crunch this campfire season!



*Processed in a facility that also works with peanuts, wheat, dairy, and soy.*

*If brownies are desired to arrive on a specific date, please order at least a week in advance due to the influx of orders.*


Refrigerate upon arrival. Keep them in the refrigerator so they stay intact. You can either take them out and either eat cold or warm them up in the microwave for 5-10 seconds if you want them to taste as if they came right out of the oven.

Not planning on eating within 7 days upon arrival? Throw them in the freezer to ensure their moistness. Let them defrost when ready to be consumed.

*There are no refunds or returns*