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Buckeye’s Birthday Box

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It’s our Owner’s birthday month! So he decided that two flavors weren’t enough to celebrate and four were only right. All of the flavors are based on his favorite desserts or favorite brownies he’s made in the past. 

In Buckeye’s Birthday Box you will be getting one of each of our four limited edition August flavors. This includes Peanut Butter Paradise, The Golden Era, Luscious Lemon and Pebbles and Cream.

Available for a limited time only. Please note, the Twix bar on the Golden Era and the Peanut Butter cup on Peanut Butter Paradise are susceptible to melting during shipment. We appreciate your understanding.

Peanut Butter Paradise

As summer begins to end and the weather starts to bend, there is still one Paradise that you must visit...Peanut Butter Paradise that is!

Starting with our fudge brownie base, this delicious decadence is then layered with chocolate peanut butter Oreos and topped with a PB lovers dream cookie dough!

We created a double chocolate Reese’s peanut butter chip cookie dough infused with PB chips and actual chunks of Reese’s cups and layered it on top to bring it all together.

But we couldn’t stop there! So we added some Reese pieces on top and added a peanut butter cup after the bake to really give you that feeling of Paradise.

This is definitely one destination you’ll want to experience this August! 

The Golden Era

Known for setting the standard and creating an ever so sweet culture. This slice of caramelly goodness will have you reminiscing on The Golden Era.

Starting with our fudge brownie base, this bad boy is then layered with crunchy shortbread cookies and topped with a unique, caramel chocolate chip cookie dough.

As it bakes, it’s golden color emerges and the smooth caramel aroma heightens.

After it’s done, we added another shortbread cookie and a Twix bar on top along with a gooey caramel drizzle as well as a dash of sea salt to really set the stage.

Now who’s ready to dive into The Golden Era? 

Luscious Lemon

This is more than just your average dessert. This is not simply a lemon bar or a slice of cheesecake, this the combination of both. Meet, Luscious Lemon.

Starting with our famous blondie base, this lemon cheesecake inspired sweet treat is layered with none other than flavorful lemon Oreos.

It is then topped with our homemade lemon cheesecake cookie dough and infused with white chocolate chips .

After the bake, we topped this refreshing delight with more white chips and another lemon oreo to really bring out its flavor!

So if you’re a fan of all things lemon, this beautiful blondie is right up your alley!

Pebbles and Cream

What do you get when you combine your favorite breakfast cereal along side your favorite breakfast snack?

You get your next favorite dessert. Meet, Pebbles and Cream.

This beauty starts with buttery blondie base which is then layered with a frosted strawberry poptart. We then topped it all with our homemade strawberry milk cookie dough and infused it with fruity pebbles.

Topped with more fruity pebble and then baked to perfection. Once outta the oven, we add a cream cheese frosting drizzle to seal the deal.

Ditch the cereal bowl, lemme get this blondie!